Screw neck vial 5 ml, clear borosilicate glass, ø16.10 x 50 x 0.95 mm

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5 ml screw neck vials made out of borosilicate glass of the 1st hydrolytic class. Dimensions ø 16.10 x 50 x 0.95 mm.


Our 5 ml glass screw neck vial is made out of clear tubular glass of the 1st hydrolytic class. This glass vial has a cap-alu 16 screw thread. Its dimensions are ø 16.10 x 50 x 0.95 mm.

Packing of the glass vials with screw thread is done in polypropylene trays, sealed and provided with a NAFVSM label. The manufacturing of these glass vials is in our plant in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

Our disposable vials are used in the microbiology, diagnostic, food and pharmaceutical industries. Suitable applications are: culture media, in vitro culture, storage, laboratory and for tasting kits.

At NAFVSM we offer the screw neck vials with aluminium cap-alu 16 screw caps. These screw caps contain a pharmaceutical rubber inlay and are suitable for autoclaving. The caps are available in different colours.

Additional options for screw neck vials are:
• Amber glass
• Round or flat bottom
• Printing in one colour
• Screw thread
• Customer specific specifications
• Filling

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Screw neck vial 5 ml, clear borosilicate glass, ø16.10 x 50 x 0.95 mm

Additional Information

SKU 651.1610050095.xF005
Norm NAFVSM 611.1610050095.xF000.00-cl-1.
Type of glass borosilicate glass
Type bottom Flat
Printing Printing optional
QTY Expobox 65.280
Capacity 5ml
Total length of product (mm) 50
Wall Thickness (mm) 0.95
Diameter (mm) 16.1


Marialaan 108
6541 RP, Nijmegen
The Netherlands

T: +31 (0)24 377 4670