Contract Manufacturing

Ampul on chain

In addition to the production of glass packaging we offer the full range of contract manufacturing. This means that we can provide our customers, after the production of their glass products, with the filling, the packaging and the sealing of their products. NAFVSM has more than 50 years of experience in this service.

Contract manufacturing services that we offer are:

  • Liquid filling / paraffin
  • Washing / drying
  • Closing / capping
  • Printing / labelling
  • Packing / secondary packing
  • Distributions / logistics


At our plant in Nijmegen in the Netherlands we have a special department with several machines for filling glass ampoules, vials and tubes. Our specialism is the filling of liquids for the cosmetic, diagnostic, petrochemical and food industries. The filling is according to the e-norm (not authorized). Our filling department is not equipped with a clean room. Although we work under the cleanest conditions we cannot guarantee a 100% sterile filling process.

For the filling we use Rota R910’s and a Bausch & Strobel filling and closing machine. The volume range of our filling capacity is from 0.1 ml to 250 ml.

NAFVSM also offers the possibility to pack the glass products in the end packaging (boxes or sampling cards) or with the customer’s own labels. With this wide range of contract manufacturing you will only need one supplier for your final product. As a benefit to the customer this results in a faster and more efficient order flow with reduced logistics costs.

Examples of final products that we offer:

  • Labelled and filled skin care ampoules packed in boxes
  • Ampoules filled with aquabidest for practicing
  • Drug tests
  • Printed perfume vials packed on sampling cards
  • Tubes or vials with paraffin for milk analysis
  • Reference materials / diagnostic liquids


Benefits of our contract manufacturing service are:

  • Only one supplier for your final product
  • More efficient order flow and a reduction in logistic costs
  • Flexible to customer specific requests
  • Advanced processing techniques


Are you interested to see how we can support you with your contract manufacturing needs? Would you like to know more about minimal order quantities and possibilities for your product? Please do not hesitate to contact our international sales department.



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