Quality Control

NAFVSM has a long history in producing industrial tubing glass  and we use only raw materials of the very highest quality. Most sophisticated technologies, production lines, production monitoring and control systems are used, in order to meet the highest quality requirements in accordance with Eur Ph., FDA, GMP, ISO or Mill Std. 

Besides online (opto-electronic) inspection systems, Quality Control continuously monitors production in order to ensure quality and manage production costs. Any further relevant production information, such as chemical and physical parameters and batch traceability are registered in our automatic stock and order system. Our autonomous QC manager can supply a certificate of conformity. 


Our Ampoules production lines are equipped with multiple camera’s to inspect the production process. The first camera makes 8 different measurements of critical points such as the length and wideness of the ampoules. This is necessary to ensure that all ampoules are produced within the required specification. At the next inspection station, the eccentricity of the ampoules is measured by making multiple images of the product while it is rotated in front of the camera. This data is then computed real-time into eccentricity data and matched with product specifications.

While the product is rotated the system also ‘finds’ the alignment of the Nafapoint and OPC or other breaking method. All these measurement data is checked against the standards and products that don’t comply are rejected and removed from the production line automatically. 

Production staff will check the ampoules on wall thickness, break time and the bottom deepness. When measurements don’t meet the set demands, machines will directly be adjusted to achieve the right size. The quality manager of the factory will also check the ampoules on sizes, on deformations of the glass, and will check the conditions of the ampoules.


To ensure the quality of the vials produced at NAFVSM camera control is used. First the vials will go through the hot end control which measures if the dimensions are meeting the requirements. The hot en control computes with a 0.05mm accuracy the ring/thread, body diameter, (screw)neck, height of the ring/screw-neck, defects surface, shoulder radius, angles under the (screw)neck and eccentricity.

After the first camera control, vials will be checked by the cold end length & bottom camera. This is the dimensional measurement of the length and all characteristics of the bottom of the vial. The system measures with 0.05mm accuracy the total length, perpendicularity off the bottom and the bottom angle.

The cold end id is the dimensional control of the internal diameter and its quality with 0.05mm accuracy.

With the control optical head, the camera detects possible hair cracks on the inside and outside of the vials

The last camera of the production line the control cosmetic, verifies the vials on cosmetic defects such as airlines, bubbles, points, stretches and hair cracks, etc.



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