Core Values

There are certain values that indicate who we are and where we stand for. These values are our moral goals, ideals to which we aspire and motivators for thinking about the future.


Every employee within NAFVSM is somehow involved with building up a long term relationship with our customers, suppliers, personnel and other stakeholders. From the machine operator to the owners, everybody is aware of each stakeholder and is driven to deliver a high quality product and service.

Even after the physical delivery of the products we are eager to hear your feedback, which will help us to continuously improve our business and relationships. We do not strive for the short time success. We want to build up a long term relationship with each and every stakeholder connected to NAFVSM.


Main points of focus is continuity, stability and corporate social responsibility. NAFVSM has been a family business for more than 65 years and with our drive to grow, we hope to continue for many more decades. For us it is also very important that all the company operations are in accordance with all international laws and that no illegal operations occur at NAFVSM.


We have dedicated ourselves to innovate and improve our products by investing heavily in new technologies in the (production) process. By continuously informing employees on these new innovative processes through education and training, we are able to keep achieving the high quality standards that we aim for. We do not only think about our business today, but we envision tomorrow.

Excellent performance

Excellent performance is important within the culture of NAFVSM. Simply performing fine is not acceptable for us. Each operation, both in terms of products as well as support, should be as efficient as possible. We strive to do that by creating less waste and by avoiding errors. In this way we aim to realize lower cost prices, a shorter lead time and quicker response time to our customers.



Marialaan 108
6541 RP, Nijmegen
The Netherlands

T: +31 (0)24 377 4670